Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Okay, so this image may be funny to some, but growing up this was my reality, only change the text to 1950s. I am pretty sure Mum has not eaten much since then. Like Patsy, she too likes to sunbake and drink. Mum, was, is anorexic. Now, I am not going to talk about Mum's demons. they are hers to tell. But for me, I will say, growing up in a house where a mother, a woman clearly hated her body had a direct influence on me.

For years I followed her example, and hated my body, this external hate also included internal hate. Years of trying to have babies and then having miscarriages will do that to you.

Just as I learnt to hate my body, I am now trying learn a healthy love of my body. By adopting a realistic and positive perception of myself, I am hopeful I will teach my two children love for their own bodies and love of other women's bodies.

Does this mean I now don't look in the mirror and find fault? No. Does this mean I have gotten over my insecurities and will start posting selfies? Or shots of myself wearing bikinis? No freaken way. Not there yet. But I am trying, I am working on being thankful for what my body is, and does for me. Not what it doesn't.

Pet hate...magazines covers that declare "too fat", "too thin", "cellulite", and so on. Why are women buying these mags? Is it to make themselves feels better? What is your pet hate when it comes to trashing women's bodies and their self confidence?

note: image not my own, found on Google. 

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