Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Is it wrong to think your own kid is weird? Jarvis just gets odder and odder. But with it, he makes us all laugh so much.

The latest thing in Jarvis world is "Amy". You ask who is Amy. Well so do we. We cannot see Amy, yet she often is with us. Today, as Tamika, Jarvis and I drove to a cafe at Red Hill, Jarvis informed us Amy was at the cafe and she was going to have a milkshake with us.

If you can see Amy in the above image of Tamika and Jarvis, please let me know, apparently Amy was sitting with them.

After much questioning so far we have this description of "Amy" she is about Jarvis's height, she has light blue hair, she also has a willy and not a vagina.

Now she has gone shopping with Tamika and Guy.

Who's Amy????

This may or may not be Amy. I found this image on a site with free downloadable images, trying to track the artist. 

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