Thursday, 4 September 2014


Loving the warmer weather, and so is our newly planted garden. But. today was spent relocating our girls. It seems no matter how hard I try they are naughty, and will fly over into the veggie patch and chow down. They also have a bad habit of coming into the house and making themselves comfy on the rug.

So as much I wanted the girls to be able to roam the entire back yard, this is now not going to happen. With the back third of the yard still waiting for me to finish landscaping, it is a bit of a dirt patch. I am waiting until construction work is done over in the back and the back and side fences are replaced.

I have this fantasy of backyard, and chicken area. I spend ages going through the Dirt Girl World Facebook page, swooning  over other people's yards. But at the moment for a temporary measure the chicken's new area looks like this.

I know look at the top image..fantasy. next image reality :(

Fingers crossed I can build it into the yard I want. Now all I need to do is find/collect old wrought iron gates, old stain glass doors and windows to start on what I have designed. So if anyone out there knows places in Brisbane where I can find these I would love to know. 

Please note: All of the fantasy/inspiration images have been taken from the Dirt Girl World Facebook page.

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