Friday, 22 August 2014

34/52 2014


Yes, because I am all glamours like, that is not only my gut on display, but my undies are hanging out the top of my pjs. 

The last week has been spent with me hacking up my lungs. Okay, well not that bad, however, the doctor did tell me my lungs are swimming in fluid. So with the world outside swimming in rain, I lay down this afternoon with Jarvis while he had his nap.

I wanted to document his love of my hair. Before each sleep, Jarvis will spend ages playing with my hair. Once asleep, his little hands search out my belly and he pats it in his sleep.

Last year Jodi inspired me to pick up my camera and turn the focus inward. This year I have opted to continue with the series as I feel there are still so many family stories to be told through photos. So I will continue to Link up with Jodi  (the artist formerly known as Che & Fidel now Practising Simplicity) for the 52 Project. 

Also linking up with Bron over at Baby Space with the quote a week

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