Saturday, 28 June 2014

26/52 2014

Back to last week's issue. Want to share a photo, but not wanting to cross boundaries and share photos of other people, especially another child.

Two cousins played together this morning. Jarvis bossing his older cousin around (as he always does with older women/girls). But playing together so well. As they sat on the front steps, in a beautiful afternoon sun, blowing bubbles together I thought how cute they looked. So immediately grabbed my camera. But when it came to sharing here, I looked for photos where Sophie was turned away from the camera.

Not so much of a quote this week from Jarvis, but an action and a word. He reaches his hand out and says "me". As in follow me or do what I want. He has been doing it with a new love in his life (my brother-in-law has moved to Brisbane and Jarvis is very taken with his girlfriend) and all morning with his cousin. He just puts his hand out to these girls and expects them to follow him. He also does when we are out and he meets new girls. At the park or library he will just approach an older girl and hold out his hand. My problem is all of these girls/women do follow him. How do I teach him, women are not and will not be at his beck and call?

Last year Jodi inspired me to pick up my camera and turn the focus inward. This year I have opted to continue with the series as I feel there are still so many family stories to be told through photos. So I will continue to Link up with Jodi  (the artist formerly known as Che & Fidel now Practising Simplicity) for the 52 Project. 

Also linking up with Bron over at Baby Space with the quote a week


  1. I think he's just in a "me" stage. Normal toddler stuff. Besides eventually a girl would raise hell over it and he would understand perfectly ;) .

  2. But Jarvis does not say 'me' to toys or anything else. Only to girls/women who he wants them to follow or do what he wants. I am scared I am raising a boy who thinks all women will fawn over him telling him how cute he is and do as he says.

  3. He will learn but then again I think that cutie patootie is always going to have the girls wrapped around his finger ;) xx

  4. That scares me. It is hard enough raising a boy. But doing it 'right' is scary.

  5. His example of Justin is really good (Justin is constantly surrounded by women at work and home) so I hope he learns to treat women with respect.

  6. that you're thinking about it and are conscious of it stands you in pretty good stead, julie. and is sounds like justin is a wonderful role model too. xx


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