Friday, 18 April 2014

16/52 2014

The garden had turned to weed. With my leg out of commission for the last month, the weeds flourished. In true Dad style, before he goes in for his surgery next week, Dad came over a couple times this week to work in the yard. First to prepare the soil, then another day to plant.

Jarvis thinks this is so much fun. Dad and Jarvis will work in the garden for hours. Jarvis will follow Dad around calling him "Dad" (I think it is because I call him Dad). They dig and plant together. It fills my heart with joy watching the two together.

Last year Jodi inspired me to pick up my camera and turn the focus inward. This year I have opted to continue with the series as I feel there are still so many family stories to be told through photos. So I will continue to Link up with Jodi  (the artist formerly known as Che & Fidel now Practising Simplicity) for the 52 Project.


  1. Gorgeous Julie, love Jarvis' pants!

  2. Justin bought them back from Cambodia

  3. I love gardens. I just doesn't have one myself.
    But one day, I will have one. At least a small strawberry garden.

  4. The garden is looking good, hope all goes well for your Dad this week, keep us posted.
    Love the cute pants, a friend's daughter went to Thailand, bought back 2 pairs I have been wearing them lots, sooo comfortable.

  5. You could always start small, like I did, with pots. Strawberries grow amazingly well in pots

  6. I keep thinking I need to make myself a pair of sarouels or soft pants like these.


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