Sunday, 23 February 2014


With me working pretty much every day last week, I had no time for blogging, and definitely no time for sewing. However, Saturday after I had spent the day paving, I snuck in some me time Saturday night once Jarvis was in bed. (Justin photographed Soundwave all day/night Saturday. So I had the house to myself.)


Last week I cut the dress out. First off I sat down and read the instructions... hmm not much help/instructions, so it all was a bit of a guess. Miss 1970 proved to be a tricky woman, not sure if it was over-tiredness or she is just a difficult woman? My biggest challenge was, once I  basted the pieces together to check the fit, I realised then a 1970s size 12 was massive on me and I needed to take at least five centimetres off both sides. Which then bought the challenge of re-working the darts.

Pinning on yourself is no easy task, especially after I had spent the day paving and my back and arms muscles felt like jelly. But now, it seems to fit really well. I am super excited for the next step of attaching the skirt and skirt underlay!

Two more naps and I may get this dress done. I just have to decide if I am going to use bias binding on the hem as well?

 Pieces before the five centimeters off both sides


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