Thursday, 5 December 2013


 Watching the garbage trucks is a highlight of your week.

Growth & Appearance:
Your limbs are so lean and so brown, all traces of your baby fat have gone, it is like you spend all of your days outside exercising.
I gave you another hair cut, but have still left it longish in the back. But I think you miss your length as after I gave you a trim you kept tipping your head back so your hair still touched your shoulders.

You are your father's son, you eat everything and anything. The few things you do not like you are quick to let us know. You will not take food off other people, your Grandmother kept trying to feed you last week and you got very annoyed at her. You think you are a big boy and do not want help for anyone, you rarely want help and then it will only be from myself, Justin or Tamika and no one else.

 No we did not let you eat your whole birthday cake, this was our way of letting you cut the cake

Still not talking, I know you understand everything, but you just choose not to talk. I will show you alphabet flash cards and nine times out of ten you get every single card correct. You know your alphabet and you understand me, so I am not concerned about your lack of talking.

 You love your alphabet cards.

You really reverted this month. No longer napping in your 'big boy' bed and no longer sleeping through the night. You wake during the night and will only go back to sleep in either the 'neck-scarf' position or cling on koala position. This started when I returned to part-time work, so I am hopeful you will settle back down and return to sleeping through the night.

You are a child of routine, you love things done a set way, yet you are an adventurous child, you level of fear of danger is almost non-existent. Climbing up and diving of the headboard of the bed. Getting your Dad to flip you over in the air. The older you get the more you want danger in your games. This scares me.
You and your Dad have started up your swimming lessons again and you love it. New swim school with new terms, but now after three lesson you already get the new words, you just have to remind your Dad.
As with the routine, you are more than a little OCD like me, things out of place upset you, you will get up your Dad for leaving his things laying around. When your Grandparents stayed last week, they stressed you out completely by leaving their shoes at the door. I had to pull them out of the bin a couple of times.

Look at Justin's Mo for Movember!

Your love of cars is just getting stronger. You even will pick books at the library about cars. You even know some car models. Tamika drives a Jeep and you will point at the same model in the street and say your version of Tamika.
If it is not cars it is the garden, you think my veggie patch is just a giant mud play ground. You will play outside for hours running around getting sweaty and dirty. Your energy and love of the outdoors is amazing.

 The OCD in you is strong, look at those cars neatly lined up.

How I am thinking/Feeling
Two, wow, I knew that time would slip by fast. Being a mother to Tamika has taught me how precious every moment with a child is. This was the reason I did not want to go back to work, I just do not want to miss out on time with you. I have never been a mother who wants time out from my children, I never got Tamika babysat (bar for work) and I am the same with you. I am lucky Justin agrees. Someone offered the other day to look after you and Justin replies, "why? we like to be with Jarvis', this made my heart swell as this is exactly how I feel. Time goes past so quickly why would I want to be apart from my children?

With every stage of your development, I remember how much I love that stage in a child's life. You are a crazy, stubborn, loving child who brings me so much happiness. Happy Birthday Jarvis, thank you for letting me be your Mumma.


  1. " Someone offered the other day to look after you and Justin replies, "why? we like to be with Jarvis'," <---- THANK YOU! I'm sure people mean well, they want to cuddle a baby, or they think they are doing you a favor by giving you a break_ but I love spending time with my kid (98% of the time). I guess it's because I have to share him with his dad as it is, that I don't feel I "need" that sort of thing.

    Happy birthday little one <3 If you and Dominic ever meet, I'll be sure to bring a bunch of die-cast cars!

  2. I think it is because I had to share Tamika with her father that it taught me to appreciate every minute with your children.
    Can you imagine our two beautiful boys and all of their cars?

  3. He is such a beautiful boy...and you all are such a wonderful family.
    And that cake looks amazing!
    Happy birthday to Jarvis!

  4. I cheated with the cake. The week before Justin made an incredible car cake (we had an early celebration with Justin's family) so it is an icecream cake from Baskin and Robbins

  5. Happy birthday Jarvis, you rock!!! I love to hear that you LOVE the outdoors and can't get enough of exploring your world. How lucky you are to have parents that love being your Mum and Dad, plus they let you eat your birthday cake anyway you like! xoxo

  6. Should we all be able to eat birthday cake any way we want?


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