Thursday, 12 December 2013


I often grumble about Christmas. The stress, the consumerism, the forced glitz. But today I came home to a package sitting on our front steps. I opened the box, and just had to put the gifts under our tree.

As I sat there admiring the stunning wrapping (which I had liked on Facebook not knowing the gifts we for me) I started to think. All of the crap from the last few weeks, all of the stress over the encroaching Christmas period, was all lost in the moment of appreciating what Jenny had done. She had gone out of her way to know/stalk me and buy me gifts.

I had liked, and then not liked the gift FMS Exchange. But today, Jenny made me re-think my own complaints and grumbles. I complain about being split and having to travel to separate Christmas events. But what about those out there who have no one to share their Christmas with? I bitch about the consumerism of Christmas, but what about those who cannot even afford to eat.

Jenny has made me think about what Christmas should mean.. that being caring. Caring about people, whether you know them or not. Thank you Jenny for caring and buying me gifts. I actually do not want to open them and spoil the beautiful wrapping. I just want to admire them sitting under my tree and appreciate what they stand for. 


  1. Love the simple wrapping paper on the gifts, so nice, some years when the kids were little we made carved potato stamps and decorated butchers paper, the kids had a ball ! making designs with the star, tree and stocking shapes, you could also do candy cane, bells or gift box with spikey bow. Use green and red paint soaked into half a kitchen (cheap) sponge on a saucer, to dip the potato shapes on and let Jarvis loose on big sheets of paper.
    This wrapping paper can be composted,so that is a good result too.
    Glad to see you are feeling a little more upbeat, try to keep the stress at bay, you are astute enough to know how much little kids pick up on "vibes". Your mantra can be "only love today" and if you encounter any critical tone or bad attitude, remember it is" their" problem not yours.
    Happiest Christmas leadups I remember were making gifts and specialy the ones that had to be kept secret and hidden from curious kids.
    Have fun making good memories for your little family,,,,,,,,"tis the season to be jolly"

  2. I have a roll of brown paper, that I use for all gift wrapping. I cut off a piece, sit Jarvis in the middle and let him colour all over it. Bit of ribbon and the gift has it's own individual wrap. Plus Jarvis is happy to colour in.

  3. I tend to be a Christmas Grinch too! We haven't even decorated anything yet and if I keep working that hard we're definitely not going to!

  4. We did the tree on the 10th. I am glad we did, Jarvis loves it so much. He even has his favourite decoration that he keeps going up to

  5. I'm with you there, Christmas overwhelms me, between all the shopping, crowds, crap to do and eat, I find it a tad tedious. Dominic however is little and LOVES all the commotion so in an effort to please the child, I pretend to be all into it (after all I actually bought a Christmas tree, I haven't put one up in YEARS). However, I can not get him to leave the ornaments alone ;)

  6. Same! Jarvis is loving the tree. Already had a couple of breakages. But it is making him so happy...


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