Thursday, 28 November 2013


Have you ever been so impressed with someone's customer service you felt compelled to write about it? I was last night. So let me start with thank you Steven from Bunnings at Mt Gravatt, who served us last night.

Now I will go back and explain why and how it was such good service. Slowly, slowly I have been working on the backyard. Three pallets of grass, a veggie patch that seeds have turned into seedling, fruit trees, pineapple plants, the list goes on. The yard is not only turning into a yard that will produce a lot of fruit and vegetables, it is (hopefully) a yard that is beautiful and relaxing.

My next goal is to build the paved area near the veggie patch, that is currently a muddy playground for Jarvis and his cubby. I have already dug out the area so next step is a small retaining wall. In theory I know how to build this, thank you google. But having never done this we will soon see if I am successful.

Off to Bunnings to get the wood. First trip, unsuccessful. Too long to fit inside our car. Three phone calls over the next few days and Susie and I went last night to get the wood and courtesy trailer. We get the wood, but not the trailer. I was not told once in the three phone calls to bring my drivers licence. Drive home, pick up Justin, Jarvis and licence. We figured we needed Justin's muscles to lift the wood.

We all go back to Bunnings, this time we got helped by Steven. Connect first trailer, load wood, test lights. Not working. Off load trailer, connect second trailer, lights not working. Steven runs back inside to get another cable. He actually did run and not dawdle.

Second cable, lights still not working, so it must be our car. Bummer, we cannot hire a trailer without working lights. So at 8pm at night we are all standing around the Bunnings carpark trying to figure out how to get the wood home, when Steven offers to drive the wood to our house in his ute!

So out of the goodness of his heart Steven loads up the wood into his ute and drops it off at our home, plus helps carry it to the house. Wow! How is that for amazing customer service?

I phoned Bunnings first thing this morning to tell them what amazing customer service we got from Steven last night, the woman on the phone was very 'what ever' about it. So not having Steven's last name or no way to contact him I am putting a huge thank you out there for him.

If you ever go into Bunnings at Mt Gravatt and get served by a young blond Steven tell him the crazy Lesbian lady with the red hair and Asian baby thanks him. Oh yeah that is another story for another time.

 The area that is to be paved.

 Beans are growing.

 Washing on the side.

 The yard is now completely grassed!

One of the boards of wood that caused so much grief.


  1. He was a really sweet kid, off his own back helped us so much. Everything in the yard has been done as cheaply as possible, coupled with girl power!

  2. That is so sweet of you to give him a shout out on your blog. It's nice when people do that, especially if they don't "have" to. I'm excited to see your yard all complete :) What's this about being a lesbian with an Asian baby? haha

  3. Ashley Williamson29 November 2013 at 15:06

    So often people forget to share the good! Complaining seems to be the easiest! Your yard is looking good, as are the beans;) x Ashley

  4. They thought Susie (little sister) and I were the couple. Maybe Justin was the sperm doner?
    The yard is almost done....

  5. It think it is too easy to complain, yet hard to say thank you and be nice. I am attempting to do the latter option


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