Wednesday, 23 October 2013


In my mind Justin is still a boy. When I first met Justin he was a soft gentle soul, in his early 20s. A baby compared to me. Justin has always seemed so young. He even got asked for ID at a pub when he was 29. I had to go to the bar and buy his drink. Yes the heavily pregnant woman bought the scotch for her toy boy. 

Even last year when Justin celebrated his 30th in Paris. I still thought him so young. But this year we both were walking around saying 31!!! WHAT? How did that happen so fast? Where did the last year go?

Justin's birthday was a easy day. Waking to presents. Taking Jarvis to his first movie. A yummy lunch. Full body massage for Justin. Then out to dinner, Justin, Tamika, Jarvis and I went to an "All you can Eat" ribs restaurant. Hot Chocolates for desert and Jarvis's first baby chino.

Nothing over the top, but it is the quiet days with my family I like the best.

What ever age he is, I am grateful to spend another birthday with him. Even more so this year as his birthday fell in the week in between his two weeks in Cambodia and his two weeks in Hong Kong

As a late birthday present, why don't you pop over to his blog (Yes I have a partner who blogs!!!) Justin Ma Photography or to his Facebook page and give him some love. Well a like will do!


  1. So lovely (boy toys are a bit wonderful) hope his 31st year is amazing!

  2. Ha you would know! I hope his year is amazing as well!!


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