Monday, 8 April 2013


I knew our second full day in Fiji was going to be a huge day, Justin and I had decided to do the Navua River Village and Kava Ceremony Tour which included a swim at a waterfall. It was with mixed feeling that we booked this tour. Part of me always feels as if I am treating the locals as ‘other’, as a tourist attraction in their own right. However, I knew that because we were staying at a resort this was the only way that we would get to experience anything resembling the real Fiji.

After anther massive breakfast, we were picked up from our hotel and driven to the Navau River

Downside to the tour:
Have you ever tried to wear a huge toddler in a sling, with a life jacket over the top, and sit on a narrow wooden seat and try not to move to much as not to rock the boat?  I did for several hours in the hot, hot sun and it is not comfortable.
Still do not how to find comfort in treating other people as a tourist attraction
Jarvis was asleep when we got to the waterfall so I did not get to swim

Upside to the tour:
The river was amazing. We journeyed to a world away from the cares of modern living, past villages, farm lands, pristine tropical rainforest, deep gorges, meandering rapids and numerous cascading waterfalls. We past locals fishing, and playing in the river, and not once did I see any rubbish.
Going to the village was in part awkward, but I got to talk to so many of the local children who were equally fascinated with Jarvis and my hair, that I soon forget to feel like I was invading their space.

It was an eleven hour journey that I would repeat again, even though Justin and I both came back sun burnt and with very sore necks and backs. Mine was from holding Jarvis in the boat the entire time and Justin from diving into the waterfall.

As soon as we got back to the resort we changed into our swimwear and ended the day like the spoilt tourists we were; at the swim up bar and spa. Capping the night off with the best dinner at the Italian restaurant, and a walk along the beach.

 Arriving at the waterfall

Yes Jarvis is getting way to big for the sling. Try climbing these wet slippery stairs with him strapped to your back

 Justin was quick to dive in

 Apparently the water was beautiful

 We passed lots of other waterfalls on our journey.

Passed lots of villages

 Also saw lots of people enjoying and using the river

 We were greeted at the river.

 Welcome from the village

 Justin drinks Kava.

 The dance ceremony, Way more energy than us, and we only danced a few dances with them

 As much as I wanted to take the portraits of all of the local children, I did not know what was the protocol  so I decided to error on the side of caution  as their parents where not there to ask permission. But on the journey home these guys were playing in the river and stopped to yell out Bula. When I raised my camera they all nodded and waved. So I captured this image.


  1. OMG away from civilization...I want to be there now!

    1. I cannot stop raving about how nice the people of Fiji were. I want to be there now as well!

  2. Despite "invading" their space or not, I'm sure they are equally as excited to see new faces as you are & are happy to meet you. Sorry about having to lug a giant toddler in the hot sun though! I can't imagine, but it all looks very picturesque and beautiful. & at least you ended it at the pool and spa ;)

    1. We were more worried about Jarvis getting sunburnt. He was the one who enjoyed the village the most. Got so many hugs and kisses from the local kids and then went off to play with them.


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