Monday, 4 March 2013


One Hotel Room at a Time. 

I woke on our last day in Paris, feeling sad and nostalgic. I was not ready to go home. France had worked its magic on all of us, and I wanted to stay. It seemed only fitting that after our trip to the Eiffel Tower, the previous night, that we should start our final day with a visit to the Pont des Arts, or Passerelle des Arts. It  is a pedestrian bridge in Paris which crosses the Seine River. We walked there with our lock in hand, to place it among the ever growing collection of love locks.

The love padlocks have been a phenomenon in cities as varied as Belgium to Japan. For those of you who haven’t heard of them, here's the story. A couple writes their names on a padlock and locks it onto one of the bridges. They then throw the key into the Seine River as a symbol of their undying love. Well, our padlock did not have a key it was a combination lock, and instead of our names, we opted to write “JJJ”, for the eternal love of our family.

The river was so beautiful at that time of the morning, and we finally thought to get a group shot together, yes Justin has his eyes closed, unfortunately the random guy we asked only took one photo.

We ended up spending the rest of the day wandering around Paris, just taking photos, eating and trying to absorb everything we could. 

All too soon, it was time to get a taxi to airport and head to Korea. Yes I am looking sad and wistful. But can you blame me?

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