Tuesday, 5 March 2013


15 Months old! How quickly the time is passing. Jarvis is growing so fast. My little baby no more, he is a full on climbing adventurer. We took Jarvis to Fiji, again he proved himself to be an amazing traveler. Nothing fazes him. Planes, customs, hotels, new people, for Jarvis it is all good. In fact each time we have traveled it is as if we leave and younger version behind and return to Brisbane with a more grown-up boy.

Since coming home Jarvis has turned into a climber, up and over ever thing. Yes he scares me, but each time he climbs something new, and or higher, he turns to me with such a proud look on his face, I just have to hold my breath and try to not be scared for him. 

A list of this month’s achievements/favourite things would have to include:

*Jarvis can fake cough, like an old man smoker.
*Laugh like he is the funniest thing ever.
*He also loves to blow raspberries on Justin’s and my tummies.
*As already mentioned, Jarvis has turned into a climber.
*Jarvis is still breastfeeding, but only before, morning nap, afternoon nap, and night sleep.
*Oh, and the night sleep, don’t want to jinx it, but for a whole week now hr has finally slept through the night 8 to 10 hours of glorious uninterrupted sleep.
*Jarvis has increased his vocabulary ever so slightly, Daddy, Cat (for every animal), Tir (Tira is the cat), Kaka (Tamika), but he has yet to say Mum in any form.
*Jarvis is communicating more, even if it is just grunts and pointing, he is attempting to tell us things. 
*Jarvis also understands us so much more when we talk to him. I will tell/or ask him something and then he does as I ask.
*Jarvis eats, no he hoovers up food all day, everything and anything, but sultanas are still the favourite.
*Jarvis insists on closing cupboard doors, and will go up behind people closing them.
*Jarvis loves to clean his teeth. If he is upset, giving him his toothbrush makes him happy.
*Jarvis loves the water, a bath during the witching hour calms him, and Monday swimming lesson with Daddy makes him so happy.
*Jarvis is a loud talkative boy at home, yet shy when around people he does not know.
*People still think Jarvis is a lot older than he is, I often get people assuming he is at least two. He is tall with big goofy feet.
*Jarvis is a rough boy, and adventurer, yet is full of cuddles and kisses for people he is close to.


  1. I love travelling with my son too! we went to montreal new york and toronto and I am really wanting to do a new zealand trip soon. I think it teaches kids to be independent and flexible when you take them to far-off places!

  2. I travelled with Tamika (my eldest) a lot. We managed to visit 15 different countries together by the time she was 16. I think travel is good for kids.

  3. 15months is such a lovely age and how cute is the fake cough! Travel definitely does seem to make them grow up in an instant too. Lovely to find your blog. x

    1. We have no idea how or where the fake cough came from. I know he keeps it up cause we now laugh at him.

  4. fiji?? i want to go there so bad! and i love fake coughs!

    1. I got an amazing deal for Fiji. But it helps we are so close, it is only a four hour flight from Brisbane. I have no idea where or who he got the fake cough from, but it cracks me up laughing each time he does it. Sounds like a heavy smoker.


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