Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Today as I did the housework, an exciting chore for any stay at home parent, I wondered if I was becoming a “Stepford Wife”. OK not the “fawning, submissive, impossibly beautiful” part, but the “mindless, docile housewife” bit. Actually not the wife part either as I am not married, but the mindless docile bit.

Apologies to the few Men out there who do equal share of the housework, my Dad is one of these men, but I wonder why it is that it is that ovaries are necessary to clean a toilet?

Since when did I find myself with a contentment of a simplified life? Instead of going out to restaurants I am cooking meals that include organic ingredients. I cannot wait for my garden to grow so I can include food I have home grown, instead of just using home grown herbs. I have become so conscientious about what I eat and what Jarvis eats, I no longer even ‘cheat’ and use store bought sauces or baby food.

I also find myself simplifying other areas of my life. After I had Tamika, as a single Mum I just wanted to survive. Now, since having Jarvis I feel things that hold the highest values; love, health, and my relationships (both with myself and others) will always take precedence over career success. 

I have several degrees, but yet the highlight of my day often is a clean house, home cooked dinner, and reading Dr Seuss. I wish I could say it was time with my camera, or time to create, whether it is art or sewing, but with an 11 month old cling on, that does not ever seem to happen. I get to do things for ‘me’, such as write on my blog when Jarvis is breastfeeding; it is amazing how good I have become at the one handed typing. I guess, as I clean the toilet it is a salient reminder to live in congruence with my own unique path, regardless of what others think.

OK so I am happy to be a stay at home Mum, but I do get very sick of the question when asked with "that" tone.

Even statues have children who cling on!


  1. Yeah, I'm with you. I just quit my part-time job this week and will be a SAHM next year. Ultimately, when I realised the biggest buzz I was getting in a week was hanging washing on the line (I have a favourite chore - how tragic) I realised it was time to seriously check my priorities.

    1. LOL, a favourite chore! Now that is bad. How did you go? Changing you priorities? I need help in that area big time. Oh and as much as I would love to move to the country, that's not going to happen, I need some other way.


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