Monday, 29 May 2017


I was backing up my photos today and realised that there have been many mini holidays that I have not blogged about. So, I am going to go back a few months, and preserve those memories. Because, for me that is really what blogging is about, encapsulating those memories before they are forgotten. Before time and the business of the everyday world fades, those beautiful moments.

Way back in January, Justin had a photoshoot at Coffs Harbour, so as Jarvis and I often do, we tagged along for the ride.

With a selfie and a twirl of the skirt, we set off on the road trip. After driving to South Australia and back, the drive to Coffs was over in the blink of an eye and a couple of crochet granny squares.

The apartment was right on the beach, which was lovely. But, for Jarvis the most memorable part of the trip was spending the night at the fair. He has never been to anything like it, so was totally enamoured with the lights and the rides. It was a pity the rides were so expensive, he would have stayed all night.

In the morning it was a quick swim, and then a stop for lunch, and we were back in Brisbane.

These trips away may not take long, but for me they hold so many precious memories for my little family. 

Side Note:
Coffs Harbour is a city on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. It’s known for its beaches and the Big Banana monument and amusement park. In the waters off Coffs Harbour Marina is the Solitary Islands Marine Park, home to abundant wildlife, seasonal whales and coral reefs. Just east is the Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve, with its large population of wedge-tailed shearwater birds and learning centre.

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