Monday, 29 February 2016


The Sunshine Coast is a really amazing location. Considering it is only about a 90 minute drive away, I...we...really do not take advantage of this place often enough.

Tamika gave Justin a voucher to dive with the sharks for his birthday, back in October. I gave Justin a surfing lesson for Christmas. So I thought a mini getaway is just what we needed, plus Justin could do both of these things while we were there.

From Caloundra to Noosa and all that is in-between, there are so many completely different energies to the locations. I opted to book our accommodation at Alexandra Headlands. It is central. My family all live not too far away. And I got a great deal.

We have turned Jarvis into a little traveller who counted for weeks/days how many more sleeps until we went on holiday. So when we woke up Saturday morning, pretty much all was packed and ready to go. All we had to do was a dozen or more times explain to Jarvis that there was no plane, that we were driving to this holiday.

After a quick swim a Moolaba Spit, where Jarvis and I watched the Little Nippers, and Justin chatted up the local elderly women, we checked into NorthPoint Resort. Lucky for us, even though check in time was meant to be 2pm, we got away with checking in before 12pm.

On a side note: the managers were a really lovely couple that went out of their way to be helpful and nice.

After a shower and a nap, we did the grocery shopping and then spent the afternoon on the beach. This set the tone of our days. Every morning we would wake early and go to the beach. Then come back, and swim in the pool. Nap in the air con until the heat of the day had passed and then head back down to the beach until way after the sun had set. Jarvis loved playing on the sand in the moonlight.

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