Thursday, 18 February 2016


It has been commented that I go on a lot of holidays. This is true. But I have a very strong love for travel. From the dodgiest hotels to the best money can buy. I love them all. I don't care if it is somewhere in my own country or somewhere overseas, I just love visiting new places.

I have also been asked how I manage to travel so much on a very minimal wage. It is a combination of two things.

One: Advise given when I was a single mother.
I was working a dead end job trying (barely) to make ends meet. I have never left the country and not travelled much within Australia. When I was talking to a very elderly lady. She asked if I could save $20 a week, after much thought I answered yes. To which she replied that if I could do that, every three years I could afford to go a an overseas holiday to anywhere in the world.
Yep, $20 a week ads up to $3120. Throw in extra from asking for cash for birthday presents and any spare I would have left over at the end of a week, Tamika and I managed to travel to 16 countries by the time she was 16. Not a bad feat for a single Mum, who worked part-time and studied.
To this day I have continued my $20 a week savings.

Two: Do not buy 'Stuff'.
Some people are really bad with credit cards, I am the opposite. If I have cash in my purse I buy 'stuff', most of it I really don't need. So much money has been saved with me not having cash on me. It also helped that for the first 12 months after Jarvis was born I bought nothing for myself. (Undies and Make-up excluded). As time passed, I found I needed less and less. This has even split out over into buying stuff for the house. The less I buy the less I want.

So if it is your priority, like it is mine, travel is very possible on a minimal wage.

Having said all of the above... in two more sleeps we are all off for a holiday to the Sunshine Coast for four days!!

The salt air is just what my body needs. 

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