Monday, 15 February 2016


I know, I have always been a 'tad' OCD, but sewing up my latest project, I realised just how bad I am. I will sew, and re-sew something, until I feel happy with it. I am up to version three, of the shorts I drafted and I still have ideas on how I can improve them.

Pockets! Everything is better with pockets. Plus I am thinking some cute trims would work. My head is filled with ideas.

No, photos of me modeling my shorts this week, cause I am currently sweltering in this heat.

I found this blog posting " Ten Ways to Ruin Your Sewing" and thought it was great so wanted to share it on here. It was written by Sarai Mitnick, of Colette. I know I have been more than a little guilty of a few of them. 

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