Sunday, 17 January 2016


In a blur the week passed, with little or no time to myself. I kept my sewing to the basics. Plus, I taught myself, via You Tube how to crochet a daisy chain.

Item One
The fabric was gifted to Jarvis by Courtney from work. Straight away Jarvis asked me to make him a pair of sarouels. I knew this was an easy request, so sat down at the machine one night after he had gone to sleep and finished for him to wear the next day. The have been in high rotation this weeks. With a couple of wears and washes already.

Item Two
Was a half finished experiment. I had this half completed skirt in my stash for a bit, and wasn't going to bother with it. Then, I remembered a dinosaur loving girl who may be happy with it. So even though it is not my best sewing, I finished and sent it on.

I asked Jarvis to try it on for size, and he immediately began to twirl and dance in the gathered skirt. So I am hoping it is as much fun for this little girl to wear. After all why do dinosaur items just have to be for boys?


I still have the dress I am working on. It is a very tricky process to pin, and fit, the bodice on myself. Any hints on how to do this?

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