Sunday, 24 January 2016


I knew this 52 challenge was going to be hard when I set it for myself. But what it is doing is really making me aware of how little 'me' time I have in my life.

Granted, the end of last week for four days, I was slammed with violent gastro, and the begging half of the week I was balancing two small boys, while Tamika had the delightful gastro attack. Interesting how Mums, well this Mum, always puts their children first.

Item One
Pineapple shorts for Chester. I had so much left over from the pair I made Tamika, I thought I would make Chester a matching pair. Think it took me longer to draft the pattern, than to cut and sew them. But at least I got one full item off my sewing machine.

On a side Note: Jarvis just went through my stash and selected several fabrics and said "please make them now".

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