Sunday, 10 January 2016


For 2016 I set myself a few goals. I do not do resolutions, but set goals for myself. One of them was to allow myself more time to blog. Another goal was to sew 52 items in 52 weeks. Within those 52 items, I want to make myself at least one item a month. I am very good at sewing for others, but forget my own wardrobe/needs. 

So eleven days into the new year how am I going? I have completed two items and I am half way two items. If I can keep this going, I think...hope I will pass my goal of 52 items.

Week One Item One

Jarvis has been asking for an Avengers Library bag for ages. He dug through my remanets pile and selected the fabrics. Having no bag patterns, it was all a guess for me. I just thought if I made it similar to the grocery shopper bags that would work.

The bag is fully reversible. Actually truth be told the inside looks neater than the outside. But that was because I rushed the red bias on the bottom of the bag.

Jarvis's reaction "holly molly I cannot believe it". So I think I got a win with the bag.

Week One Item Two

It was Tamika's turn. She requested shorts. I used a vintage Kwik Sew pattern 1420, and altered it to fit Tamika's requests. Lowered the waist and added a back pocket. I took a quick photo for instagram, but she headed home with the shorts before I could get a better photo.

Love the pineapple fabric, it is a gorgeous linen I got for work. Thinking I need pineapple shorts in my life as well.

Will get a photo of Teak in the shorts as soon as I can.

Hopeful that next week, I can have the two half done projects.

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