Monday, 7 September 2015


We woke after a very restful nights sleep, (no vermin in this place). After consuming way too much food at another buffet breakfast, plans were made for the day.

On a side note, why is it I always eat waaaayyy tooo much at a buffet breakfast? I just cannot help myself sampling a bit of everything. Banana pancakes with burnt sugar, were the winner of the day.

Justin hired a boat and guide (I think that is what you call him) and went out to do some diving. 

Jarvis and I had a very lazy day, playing at the beach. Swimming in the ocean, and digging in the sand, makes me feel lazy, so no photos were taken. But I have great memories of the laughter of Jarvis and I from this morning. Then we went up to the pool, to relax, because it is very tiring being at the beach.

Leaving the beach with two very brown boys, (no matter how much sunscreen both Justin and Jarvis use they always turn a beautiful colour) we went off in search of more food.

Then, of course, it was the after lunch nap. I, we, are very lucky that Jarvis still naps, anywhere between one and three hours a day. On holidays I find this is a perfect time to make us stop, and relax. I read a book or nap. Justin will either nap or go off in search of the 'perfect' photo. I find with Jarvis's naps it forces us two to stop and breath.

The afternoon was spent at the pool, and swim up bar. Jarvis declared this "good bar, so much popcorn". The waiter kept Jarvis supplied with free popcorn all afternoon, so he was a very happy boy. I also loved the watermelon juice.

With so much laziness being the theme of the day, we ended up eating at the hotel restaurant and then going back to our room to watch a movie on my tiny laptop. 

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