Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Growth & Appearance:
Your face still has the softness of the baby/toddler years, but your height is the contrast to this. I got asked yesterday, by a stranger, if I was doing home schooling, or the no schooling approach. I replied that since school was still a few years away I had not thought it through. She was shocked at the fact you were only three and a half, as you were the same eight as her five year old son.
Yup, you are tall, but still super lean.

Like all kids, well I think most kids, you go through fussy stages. But I have never been worried as I know it will pass. What I find funny, is of late you like you drinks in shot glasses. Yes, I know this is odd, but I used them once, as a bribe to get you to eat your dinner and now it is your 'thing'. Three shot glasses of half juice/half water, plus three shot glasses of ribena.

Your speech and understanding. Over the last few months the way you process information is showing such maturing. I certainly makes life easy, for when we explain the reasoning behind something, you grasp it and turn it around with a question for us.
Your counting, and days of the week has also improved out of sight. You asked me this morning what day it was and when I replied 'Thursday', you then said "home from work before my nap". Yes gorgeous, today is my half day at work.
I would like to say your Cantonese is/has improved, especially since your grandparents stayed here for the month of May. However, you claimed " MaMa speak funny", and when she called you by your Cantonese name you kept correcting her all telling her your real name.

After the month of May with you being super sick and waking up several times a night, I am so very grateful that you still like to have a day sleep, on average two hours, plus go to bed really easily...most nights. The reverting back to waking is so draining, reminded me of the first two or more years of your life. Fingers crossed, please please go back to sleeping through the night.

(This is your 'zombie monster kiss face') Also the face I like to pull when you do not sleep through the night. 

I wonder if your maturity has to do with the role you have taken on with Chester? Now that we have been looking after Chester during the day when Tamika works. Being an uncle has made you behave so much older. You are Chester's protector. you are also a little stresser, like your Mummum, around Chester. He has to be buckled in the car seat first, you then like to check his buckle. He has to be strapped in shopping trolleys, at the slightest cry you are yelling out to me to take notice.
I think with Chester around it is teaching you to share and be a little more patient. Which I think is a good thing. Plus, I know you like having him here as you often question why he cannot stay here, Saying he does not have to go home.

I think your favourites have stayed steady for awhile now. You love going to the movies, you ask at least once a week if we can go. You love the library. Going to the park. And Eeeworld (Seaworld, we have six month passes).
But, you are just as happy at home playing with your cars (you love making what you can traffic jams on the window sills and say 'no green light'). You love helping me do anything, even if it is making the bed, what ever I am doing you want to help. I am thinking I am going to have to get you a sewing machine as you keep asking to use mine.

How I am thinking/Feeling:
With you being so sick the past month, it makes me realise just how little you still are and how much of a journey we still have together.
I often think about how funny you are, the laugh out loud kind of funny. I wonder if you will stay this way or change as you age. I also wonder about how gorgeously affectionate you are.

You are shy and stand offish with most people, but the people you love. Wow! Do you love them. At night, if I am not faced your way curled around you, of late I find you will curl around me in our sleep becoming the 'big spoon'. 

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