Monday, 20 April 2015


I love being a tourist. Love staying in places unknown. But then we, I, had just as much fun staying in our own city.

As a continuation on from last week's post.. here are a few of the images I captured that night. We set out while the sun was still high, with all three of us stopping to take images when we felt like it. Here is Jarvis's blog post.

Then, after the most delicious Italian pasta dinner, Justin took Jarvis into one of the games places. Jarvis is now addicted, as at his first attempt he came away with a huge chocolate stash.

Some people like buildings, but I like alleyways. What do you take images of when you are away?

With a detour past "silver balls" where Jarvis burnt off some energy.

We ended the night by watching skaters for ages, until all climbing into bed exhausted. 

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