Friday, 26 December 2014

52/52 2014

Final image for 2014 had to be the cutest Christmas Family.

Yup I went there. I made us all matching Iliska Dreams Christmas pjs, and got us all to wear them with white tops. Now if only I had of had the time to take the corniness up a notch. But I am loving these images!

There are dozens more, but I won't over do it. I will leave it at these and say:

Thank you. Thank you for being my family and giving me a fantastic Christmas day.

And the best thing of the day was what Jarvis said when we went to bed that night. I asked him what was his favourite present...his response melted me heart and made me so happy.

"All the people eat here for breakfast and My Chester". Jarvis choose people over 'things' as his favourite gift of the day...So proud. 

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