Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Growth & Appearance:
There are days lately I see teenage you. Baby you has gone. You are almost too pretty, not a day goes by a stranger tells me/us how beautiful our daughter is. I don't care about the girl comments, I think people cannot see past your long hair. But then again your face is pretty.

You like to eat things your way. Cereal with your fingers and a straw. Okay, why not if you will eat. Same if you help me cook, then you are more than happy to eat it.

Oh, my! For someone who did not talk for ages, now you do not shut up. Oh, and you mimic almost everything your Dad says, even down to his tone. I got told "yes dear" sarcastically when I asked you to go for your nap. 

You fight me going to sleep. But then we lay down together you ask for my tummy (you like to pat my tummy and play with my moles) and within minutes you are asleep. You still co-sleep and I don't care. I love having you near. Your little hand reaches out to pat me during the night and I think it is me, that gets more comfort from having you close, than you do.

Each and every day you are different. Your development is incredible. Watching you grasp new concepts and master them. I almost forget what you were like last month, because you have changed so much since then. This quote comes to mind with you.

“I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

You love being outside, whether it is digging in the garden and planting seeds. Or digging in the sand at the beach. If you have your cranky pants on, I just have to take you outside.
Inside it is hiding, reading, or dancing naked. hmm yes you have your own version of naked twerking. Without ever spotting twerking your dance style is indeed original. You also like to play catch. You jump off the tallest thing, such as a bookcase and make your Dad catch you.
Oh and your other favourite thing is going on a "meeting". Which is your code for lets go to a cafe, and order a milkshake. 

How I am thinking/Feeling:

I think the photo of the contents of my pocket explains how I am feeling. You collect and add to my pocket as the day goes by. Rather than weighing me down it adds to me, to who I am as a person. You teach me to be present in the moment. To stop and look at the world through fresh eyes. It may just be a rock, but to you the colours the textures, all make it special. You also teach me kindness. You make me want to be nicer to myself and to others in the world. 

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