Monday, 6 October 2014


I stumbled across Jess's Instagram account once night, and instantly fell in love with her beautiful products. From there I followed her to her Facebook page and her Etsy shop.

Without even knowing Jess, I knew her heart resonated with mine, she not only makes the most beautiful hand made products she makes them with love and care. So I asked Jess if she would like to be feature here. 

1. Tell the readers a little about yourself, can you share a bit on yourself and your background?
Hi, my name is Jess.  I’m a stay at home Mum to a beautiful 2 year old boy.  I live in Melbourne with my husband, son and cat.
I’ve always had a love of craft and being creative. My Nanna taught me to knit at age 8 and now at 29 I’m still loving it!
I began making items for friends and after many, many comments on how I should be selling my creations I set up ‘madewise’.

2. What inspires you?
I love the feeling of making something for someone.  I hope the recipient loves the item as much as I did making it and it becomes a special keepsake that they will have forever and perhaps even pass on to their own child/ren one day. 

3. How did you begin your business?
I was already a great lover of Etsy and knew how to make many a purchase from the fabulous assemblage of amazing crafters but knew little about setting up a shop there. So after a bit of research and a bit of courage I opened up a shop of my own and called it ‘madewise’.
The name is a play on my maiden name, Wise. It pays a little piece of respect to my Nanna for not only teaching me how to knit but also for helping raise me. 

4. How do you balance life and running a business?
It can be tough running a business and being a full time mum! I spend most nights sitting up late completing orders while the rest of the house sleeps.
I’d love to say I’m a very organised person and have a  home studio where I do all my creating. But honestly most of my work is done at our dining table and lounge room! So work and home are very much integrated.  

5. What direction do you see yourself and your company heading?
I am thrilled madewise has been so positively received and I’ve been privileged in the amount of lovely customers I have been able to make things for.
I have been blown away by the amazing feedback and reviews left for me by my customers. These people are complete strangers and they love my work and I think what if I didn’t take the plunge and open my little Etsy shop, I would never have had this wonderful experience.
2015 will see madewise offer a new range of items, focussing more on newborn gift sets and will see the introduction of toys and blankets.

6. What advise would you give someone else wanting to start/run their own business?
Take the plunge! You have nothing to loose. If you have the passion and love for what you are doing (and enough ‘spare’ time) others will see this and I believe you will do well. 

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