Thursday, 30 October 2014


I think it is a simple concept. Do not touch other people's children. But why do so many do it? It may be innocent, but trust me the child does not like it, and I know this mother does not.

At my local grocery store. Elderly woman approaches and asks Jarvis his name. His response "Big Boy". She then asks if he has another name, Jarvis responded with "ratbag". She looks to me, and I just reply, he does not like giving strangers his name. So then, she proceeds to stroke his face with both hands. When he pulls away, she responds "not very affectionate is he?"

Umm lady, Jarvis is very affectionate. JUST NOT TO STRANGERS. Jarvis has every right to decide who he wants to touch him. I do not even enforce the kiss or hug hello/goodbye to people he knows, so why would he want a stranger touching him?

Am I the only Mum that does not like strangers touching my child? 

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