Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Growth & Appearance:
As much as you look like your Dad, you certainly have your own style. From the way you wear you hair, through to what clothes you wear, are all of your choice. This month has been all about channelling a Columbian Drug lord with your sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts and attitude.

You sleep in the same way as your Dad, yet you do it in style with your Hawaiian shirt. 

Some days you eat more than your sister. Other days you barely eat a thing. What I have learnt is to relax and let you eat when you are hungry. As long as I can sneak some veg and some calcium into your diet then I am happy.

Chatty McChatty. You wake up talking. Normally with a question, and you do not stop talking and asking questions until you go to sleep. 

I know it is time for you to start sleeping in your own bed. Yet I think both of us enjoy the comfort of co-sleeping. Justin will suggest it occasionally, but then he will wake up cuddled all around you and change his mind. I think all three of us enjoy the love and comfort co-sleeping brings.
Even when you sleep in your own bed for you day nap, you always get a co-sleeper, even if it is just Tira.

Whether it is because Chester is now the baby, you are certainly acting more mature. Your logic is good, and it is easy to explain things to you. You grasp things really easy. For example you repeated over and over that Tamika's belly had a baby in it. The moment you saw Chester you asked "baby grow big and came out your bum?". Okay so not out of Tamika's bum, but you 'got' that the bum that was Tamika's belly was now Chester.
You want to do so much more for yourself. 

Hiding has always been a favourite, yet this month it includes hiding with all of your stuffed toys. Often in very uncomfortable positions with either me or your Dad.
Your other favourite is your new nephew Chester. Each day you ask to see and to play with Chester. i cannot wait until he is actually old enough for you tow to play together rather than you just piling up legos onto of Chester.

Yes, that is me hiding under a bucket with you and your stuffed toys. 

How I am thinking/Feeling:

Tamika may have taught me how to be a mother, but you definitely teaching me how to let go and just 'be'. The love and laughter you bring to my life is incredible. I think I have all of these things I have to do, should do. Then with one little "peas" I drop everything to go and play with you. Time is short and I want to grab every moment I can with you.

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