Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Growth & Appearance:
I blinked and my baby left and in it's place here is this child. Tall and thin. Some people confuse you for a girl, I think it is the longer hair. But I think you are all boy. Especially how you choose to dress yourself.

You are a good/big eater. Yet picky about how things are served. You favourite thing at the moment is going for a work meeting/coffee with your Dad. If I have to work, you love to go to different coffee shops, and act all grown up with your milk shake. 

For some reason baking making you extra happy/crazy

You have discovered shit stirring this month. You speech is incredible and you know every word we use, just some are a little jumbled when you try to say them. For a kid who I was worried about not talking at all after your second birthday, you have more than caught up.

For the first time ever you asked to not co-sleep. We were away on holidays and you wanted to sleep in the bunk bed. I felt sad, but settled you in for the night. You lasted ten minutes and you yelled out "Mummum no like" and ran into the big bed.

Your sense of humour, your independence and your attitude have all gotten stronger this month. You are a force to be reckoned with, lucky for us 90% of the time you are a funny crack up about everything.
For the first time ever Justin and I left you with Tamika for just over three hours. It has always been either one of us with you, while the other is at work. Tamika said you handled it really well, as we promised we would be back before it was dark, and you keep repeating over and over to Teak "no dark yet?". I guess it is a lucky? Or a good thing you adore your sister so much, that you were okay with us leaving you for the afternoon.

Anything that is "like Daddy". You even wanted to grow a beard "like Daddy". Teak's belly is another favourite thing, you love kissing and stroking "baby". Lets hope you love the baby as much when it comes out. But digging and gardening are still your favourite things to do. 

How I am thinking/Feeling:
I am feeling really lucky this month. I cannot believe you are my son. I feel as if you are stubborn for a reason. You needed to be. The only thing that is getting me this month is 'mother's guilt", I often hear 'no work Mummum", this makes me feel bad for not believing in myself and putting more effort into starting my own business so I can work/stay at home with you. 

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