Thursday, 14 August 2014


Growth & Appearance:
You now weigh 15kgs and you are 95cm tall. You wear a size 8 in a shoe, but it is getting too tight, so time for an upgrade. I have no idea on the size of your clothes as it has been so long since I bought you anything from a store.
You are still 90% Justin with just a tiny dash of me. Your hair, and the way you scrunch up your nose when you smile is me.

You like to be independent, if you can do it yourself, this includes getting it out and help preparing it, you will eat it. In the morning while I am making the bed, you will go to the kitchen and get all of the breakfast out, including bowls and spoons. You hate to be rushed with your food. Plus you have an intense dislike of food that is hot. When making our dinners, yours has to go in the freezer for a few minutes before you will eat it.

You do not shut up! You chatter all day and now 90% of the words make sense. You learn new words everyday and mimic carefully what others say. Last month you could only say four or so colours, this month you say them all. Some of them not as clear "lellow" being yellow, but we can understand what you are saying.
Justin said sarcastically "yes dear" to me. You stood beside me and repeated it even with the tone. The other night at dinner Guy said "butthole", unfortunately you repeated this. I think Guy learnt a lesson in parenting from you that night.

You talk the whole time! There is a running commentary on everything you do. You also talk with your hands, like I do.

As long as Justin or I are near, you sleep the night through. Though the last few weeks when it has been extra cold, about four in the morning, you crawl over me and snuggle down in-between Justin and I. I have not made up my mind how long you will co-sleep, I guess for as long as it works for all three of us.

You are running more like a big kid, slowly losing the toddler waddle. You run around the yard like a crazy person. Plus anything to do with jumping, bouncing on the bed and jumping off the bedhead. It just has become more coordinated.
I think I say this every month, but I am surprised at just how much you mature month to month. I look back at last month and realise you now can do so many more things for yourself. 

Can I say dirt? Since the 'diggers' have been working on the property behind us, you love to up to the back of the yard and dig. You fill up your bucket and more dirt from one spot to another. Grunting with what appears to be the effort.
You still love your chickens so much. Often stopping your digging to hug a chicken or two.

How I am thinking/Feeling:
It has been a rough month for me emotionally losing yet another baby, which makes you even all the more precious to me. You suddenly seem so grown up. The way you responded to my grief was overwhelming. We were so careful not to mention I was pregnant, yet, you told Tamika "Mummum baby" and patted my tummy. Then after the miscarriage you said a couple of things that broke my heart and make me realise how clever you are. You said "baby yun away" and patted my face giving me kisses. Then a few days later you said "baby yun away, buy more?" If only it was that easy.

Through the grief, I have acknowledged that you are my last baby, you are...well you are no longer a baby. You are growing up so fast and I can say that you are the easiest child to be a Mummum to. 

Sick Bubba needs to be hugged and carried all day. Aching arms and back, this was the compromise position. 

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