Monday, 28 July 2014


Over the week-end, I was thinking about two things, how great it would be if everyone could support local businesses, and how I know so many amazing Mum's who are running their own business. I think now, more than ever before women are trying to find the work and motherhood balance, and rather than be at the mercy of others, women 'doing it for themselves'.

Women, Mums, are combining passion, creativity, and hard work. Because starting and running your own business is extremely hard work. But I think, like motherhood, when you are doing something that you love, the hard work seems to fade a little, and you are left with the glow of achievement.

Two Mums I know that are standing out amongst the crowd are Bettina and Caitlin. Together they have formed The Kindred Collective.

Their website states: The Kindred Collective is that community. It is a place to find other mothers who will listen, laugh, and cry right along with you. It is a place where you can find support, nurture yourself and celebrate triumphs both small and large. Through workshops, retreats and the website, The Kindred Collective seeks to assure you, encourage you and inspire you.

One statement that resonates with me is 'becoming a mother can be isolating.' With Tamika I was a single Mum who worked nights. With Jarvis, I was an older Mum, I knew no one in my age group that was having children, most were becoming Grandparents.

On Friday night The KindredCollective are holding a mother's circle, during this session Mums will have a calming yoga class, a guided meditation session, time to connect with other mothers and access to online support. Head to their website or Facebook page for the details. 

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