Thursday, 3 July 2014


Growth & Appearance:
Your hair is probably too long. However, every time I cut it, you get sad. Plus I love it scraggly on you.
This month you have gotten so much heavier. I must go somewhere to weigh you. You are as tall and as heavy as your cousin, who is a year older than you. Though you still look as thin as ever.

You like to help. This includes getting your food ready. You like to get out your own plates and food. You will sit for the first half of a dinner on your chair, then you are filled with energy and bounce about, you will often finish a meal standing.

Your speech this month has improved to no end. You love repeating words after your Dad. Justin will give your words in several languages and you repeat them. Listening to you say 'buongiorno' is so cute. You and your Dad also love saying words like "zowie Mumma".

Why oh why is it you fart yourself awake every morning? Is it a boy thing?

Your reading has gone off like crazy this month. Okay not of words but you love to read a book with me and read a letter at a time. Books take for ever!! If I ask you the letters you can point to everyone. But struggle saying a few.
Same with colours you know all of your colours, yet can only say black, white, grey, and blue.

Dad bought you a vintage money box from the Wooloongabba Antique centre (love that place) and you call it your Duck box. Any money people give you for your eggs go in there. You are also good at scamming extra coins for it. Your excitement is gorgeous when someone gives you a coin.
Tamika is not a 'thing" and neither is her baby bump, but every time she comes over your favourite thing is to lay on Tamika's belly and kiss and poke it. I think you love being kicked and poked back by your nephew, You get full of giggles when her tummy responds to your pokes.
You also have a renewed love of bouncing on our bed. You will bounce, jump, and generally go crazy until you are all sweaty and out of breath. I am pushing for a trampoline for your third birthday.

How I am thinking/Feeling:

Such overwhelming love, I feel so lucky you are in my world. You are a funny person, you never fail to make me and others laugh when ever they are around you. You are such a rough boy, yet you are so quick to cuddle and kiss your Mummum. Days are normally so easy with you, the only time you are a full on cranky pants, is each and every time I have to put clothes on you. If you had it your way you would stay nude. But as soon as the dressing is over you are back to laughter and kisses.


  1. "why do you fart yourself awake every morning" HAHAHAHA I about spit out my soda reading that. Dom does the same thing! I think it is a boy thing. He is so adorable! Happy 31 months Jarvis <3

  2. My question can his farts be so loud from such a little body?

  3. Oh the farting - that made me laugh as it sounds like the tuba section of the orchestra at our house in the mornings so I completely get this. I love long hair too - even scraggy long hair. There is just something so childish about it isnt there hun xx

  4. The methane levels in your house must be toxic! Is it terrible to admit, that part of me keeps his hair long because certain people tell me "looks like a girl/or on girls have long hair". Why can't he have his hair long?


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