Thursday, 8 May 2014


Growth & Appearance:
I blinked and another month has passed. You never seem to gain any weight, you just get taller and taller. With, that each month I have to buy you new shoes as your old ones are too small. Oh, and on different angles in different light, sometimes we all say that you appear to have grown a moustache!! 

Some days you seem to eat nothing, bar for food I hand feed you. Other days you shove so much food in your mouth I think you will explode. You love porridge for breakfast, but insist on me (no one else) hand feeding it to you. I am still giving you your vegetable puree each afternoon. You will scoff down a cup or more of this, which contains a mixture of at least half a dozen veg. Yet if vegetables are put on your plate you will push them off and not eat them. Not sure how long I should continue to give you puree as you are getting too old for this, but because I know it gives you a good serve of veggies every day I continue to make it for you.

Eating lunch requires attitude and a sticker hanging off your temple. 

It is all about colours. From your toy cars to the real one, you love telling us what colour each car is. You know every colour, but still struggle to say a few.
You are saying new words clearly, and you are making up your own words for things. Some make sense in a random way such as 'duck bum' is an egg. 

You climbed in and said 'me me duck bum'. Crazy child. 

I do know it is time for you to sleep in your own bed and not co-sleep with us in your cot. But, you are such a little cuddler. In your sleep, during the night you reach out for me, you will either pat my face or want to hold my hand. It makes me feel sad, to think of you on your own, in your own room. I wonder if this is because I always shared a room with my sisters.

Tamika got what you call a Duck Book for her anniversary off Guy last month. (A Samsung Tablet to those who don't know Jarv) You are obsessed with it. On your own you have figured out so many apps, it is crazy to see how quickly you taught yourself to use this.
Your 'dare devil' behaviour is growing, Justin can no longer throw you high enough, he can no longer be far enough away for you to jump to him.
But on the other hand you really enjoy doing "yoyo" (yoga) with Justin each morning. Even on the morning Justin does not feel like it you get him the TV remote and say "yoyo Daddy".
You now refuse to wear undies, no matter what pair you tell me 'ouch willy'. So if any Mum has any advise on boys and their commando preferences, I would love to hear.

Has to be Tamika's 'Duck Book'; your matchbox cars; and any library book about bottoms, poo or farts. You still will spend hours play hide with Justin, and you love when I chase you. You will run into Justin's arms at full speed, your whole body shaking with excitement and yell at Justin "yun Daddy, yun". The neighbours must wonder what the hell is going on with all the running and screaming that happens in this house.
In some ways you favourite things are all boy, cars and working on Justin's motorbike. But then in other ways you are the unconventional child with a love of nail polish and doing things your own way. 

How I am thinking/Feeling:
I look at you, and still think you are my soft loving little baby. Yet with each passing month, and Tamika's baby getting closer and closer to been born I know the moment a newborn is here, my baby will forever disappear into childhood. I am still very upset I could not give you a sibling close in age, but am happy you get to be an uncle before your third birthday.

You are the most affection child with those close to your heart. You are also the wildest, craziest dare devil I have ever known. I swear you have aged this Mummum like crazy since you began to walk at ten months. 

You are such the little mimic. I covered my eyes. When I uncovered them to take this photo you were laughing at me and covering your eyes, as if to say gee Mum, don't be such a wuss. 


  1. He is such a handsome little man, and the mannerisms you describe make him that much more adorable. Last night Miss 9 found out that Olive Oil is made from olives and she just about had a heart attack! She doesn't like olives. I find that she picks up a lot from me, if I saw I don't like a particular vegetables she'll say she doesn't like them either. So now I make a point of buying vegetables that she knows I don't particularly like and explain that even though I might not like them, I still buy, cook and eat them because it's healthy! Children and their eating habits!

  2. Children mimic what they see. Justin and I have made a pact not to swear in front of Jarvis. The other day Justin was mucking around and said "Oh Dear" now Jarvis is walking around repeating it.

    I hope Jarvis gets his eating habits from Justin and not from me. I think chocolate and icecream should be main foods in everyone's life.


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