Monday, 14 April 2014


Pjs teaching me thing? Who would have thought purple chevron flannelette could show me things?

With Autumn weather cooling down the nights I knew it was time to make everyone their new set of winter pyjamas. Spotlight had flannelette on sale, so Tamika came over, shoved my sore knee into the car, and we drove the one minute drive.

As soon as we got there, Jarvis went straight to the florals, sighing and saying "zizzie!". His word for most things pretty, flowers, butterflies and so on. Then he went to the chevrons. When Tamika and I asked what colour he wanted he keep pointing at the purple. Teak and I asked if he would prefer the yellow or blue. But no, he shock his head saying no and kept pointing at the purple.

As we were standing in line, both Tamika and I questioned ourselves. Why did we not let him have his first colour choice? Why did we feel the need to point to the so called "boy colours"?

As an informed person, I thought I questioned cultural practices. I didn't think I blindly followed cultural habits like gender-colour associations. I normally question how society's gender associations, yet ignorantly I questioned Jarvis's choice of purple.

I get annoyed when people question Jarvis's love of nail polish, yet I was being just as ignorant.

Instead of sewing Jarvis 'standard' PJ bottoms, I thought his choice deserved something more. So he got MC hammer pj pants.

Oh, and look at them next to last year's pjs, look how tall Jarvis has gotten!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am in love with those pants. You are so talented!

    I understand what you mean with trying not to gender stereotype boys, but I think the important thing is that we pick ourselves up on it. Also sometimes it's just gotta be ok right? It's awesome how much the world is changing and views are evolving. Jarvis is lucky to have you as his Mama.

  2. Hammer Pants are perfect for active toddlers such as Jarvis, they give him so much room to move and play.

  3. Now they are pretty damn cool pants. My husband had some very similar back in the MC day lol. Dont you get a shock when you realise how much they have grown xx

  4. We see them every day. I know kids grow up quickly, but when you lay down last years and this years you realise your baby is no longer a baby.

  5. His MC Hammerjammies are awesome! I've never quite understood the whole 'boy colour' thing - we don't do the same for girls. They get to choose any darn colour they like and boys can too. x


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