Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Growth & Appearance:
I realised just how tall you have gotten. When the nights turned cool recently, not a single pair of your PJ pants fit your long legs, even though I made them extra long last winter. Tall and skinny with big feet. Sounds just like your sister.
I think you are a beautiful child, your inner happiness shines through.

Food must be separated on your plate. Ice must be added, by yourself to a drink first. Crusts must be cut off. You have a list of strange habits when it comes to your food. Though lucky for me, besides these habits you will eat pretty much anything.

This month you are a little chatterbox, from the moment you wake, to when you go to sleep you like to talk to us. Often, you will get a line on repeat, and like a record stuck in a grove you will say it again and again. Everyday you try new words, some times with great success, and sometimes even Justin and I cannot understand you. Just today you told me you saw a "Bin Tuck" (garbage truck) when you went for a walk with Justin. It is interesting watching you put words together and forming sentences.

Your afternoon nap can last from an hour to three hours. At night, we try to get you asleep by 8:30, and you will sleep in to anywhere between 7am and 8am. Yes I am lucky you like to sleep in. But you need to either hold my arm or my hair at night to get you to sleep through the night. I will lay beside you as you fall asleep, when you get into bed you tell me "Book Mummum". So I will read you a few books, and then you will shimmy over to your cot and happily settle down. But not before telling me "book Mummum" again. This time you are telling me to lay there and read while you go to sleep.

You have the ability to figure out technology so quickly. You know how to unlock all of our phones and go to, and use apps that you want. Your mind is a little sponge and you observe us in the everyday and then copy. This is good and bad. Justin will do something silly (read scary and dangerous) and you will mimic him.
With your improved language skill, has come an improved communication.

This month I want to talk about how you have favourite people in your life. You idolise your Daddy. When you ready to get up in the morning, you slap your Dad in the face for him to wake up. You tell Justin "up Daddy" and you want Justin to get up and play with you. Some days I think I hear " Daddy, Daaaaaddddy" over a thousand times a day.
"Dick home", is also said on repeat throughout the day. Meaning you want Tamika to come here to our home. You have also taken it upon yourself to unlock my phone and call Tamika, unfortunately Tamika is often at work when she gets calls from you.  
You also ask after "Di". Guy, you think, is your playmate, rather than Tamika's partner. At dinner on Saturday night you only wanted to sit on Guy's lap and hold Guy's hand.
Your uncle Ken is another firm favourite in your life. You only see him a few times a year when he comes to Brisbane, however straight away you are clamouring for his attention and wanting Ken to play on the motorbike or skateboard with you. Also if walking you will reach up of your own accord and hold Ken's hand.
With all other people, you do not like to hold hands, or give kisses to. You will actively turn your body away from people who try to touch or kiss you.

How I am thinking/Feeling:
For two weeks now, I have been very immobile, which means we have not being able to play and do lots of our normal activities together. I feel guilty, plus worried on how quickly time passes and how easy it is to miss out on things.

May sound odd, but I like to watch you when you are unaware I am there. Your face is so full of emotion. But then you spot me and your face breaks out into this incredible smile and I almost burst with love. 

This is your sad face... melts my heart when you get this upset. 


  1. He is such a gorgeous boy!
    I love watching C when he is playing on his own to…and to listen to him…I am fascinated by him.
    And what happened to your foot? I have been meaning to ask.

  2. It is fascinating watching and listening to children when they think they are alone.
    I fell down a set of concrete stairs at Jarvis's swimming lessons. Because I had Jarvis in my arms, I fell badly, the Life Guard saw and said I did this weird 'tuck and roll' to protect Jarvis. Besides all of the grazes, I have torn the inside ligaments on my right knee.

  3. Swimming lessons are seriously treacherous!
    Do you need surgery?

  4. Was recommended, but I am avoiding it, and trying/hopeful that physio and rest will repair it.

  5. Fingers crossed that is enough! Let me know if you need anything!

  6. That boy...seriously he will be a heartbreaker. What a looker!

    Interesting to read about a little boy as my little girls aren't bothered too much with technology.

  7. He is a bit pretty for a boy, isn't he. Plus he is a shocking flirt.


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