Monday, 24 March 2014


At the beginning of the year I set myself sewing goals. The post on this can be found here. For the first two months I achieved them with ease. However, for March I have deviated. Instead of following the list, I have found contentment in mending, in finishing all of those unfinished projects. Okay, I have not finished them all, yet I am finding a sense of growing happiness at the lessening of the "to do pile" and the growing of the 'done' pile.

Red Gingham Dress, is still there waiting to be finished, you can see her under a stash of fabrics that I am turning into baby wraps.

I have still managed to sew at least one, or more item per week, yet I have not posted about it. I have not practiced or learnt a new skill this month. Or sewn using my vintage patterns, yet I have been making for someone other. This last item is the thing that is bringing such happiness. That act of giving for no reason other than I want to. 

My boxer shorts are traveling around the globe for other people to wear. 


  1. Regardless of whether you got to your list this month or not, I would still be very encouraged at what you've been able to do. You've been keeping yourself busy with things that keep you engaged and make you happy, I think that's so important and I'm loving all your fabric choices!

  2. I am trying to learn to no beat myself up when things do not go to plan, to instead enjoy the change of direction and embrace it

  3. MotherDownUnder24 March 2014 at 21:56

    C loves the Thomas shirt and boxers you sent him!
    I love that you are sending boxers all over the globe!
    I know I still owe you a photo…would be great to see all the photos together!

  4. Glad C is happy with his Thomas, though he will need winter one now it has gotten cooler


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