Sunday, 9 February 2014


Last week I showed the drafted pattern, this week... ta da! The finished skirt! My first ever straight skirt.

Sewing it together was a bit of a guess, so the seams are just overlocked. I was going to do a Hong Kong seam, but because I knew I had to do a lot of adjustments to get the fit just so, I did not bother.

Tamika has an extremely tiny waist, but the girl has booty. Tamika and I are perfect examples of no two bodies are the same, her waist is seven whole centimetres smaller than mine, but her hips are five centimetres bigger. But somehow we are both smalls?

To get the skirt to fit to the curve of her waist and back I had to put in an extra long dart.

Overall I am happy with the finish. I will take better photos soon, Teak came over to get her washing and according to her "looked gross", as she had no make-up on and was feeling seedy. Now if only we could all look that gross!

Footnote: The Hong Kong binding seam finish encloses the raw edges of the seams inside strips of bias. Both sides of the seam require two passes to sew the bias, and because it is so labor-intensive, it is mostly used in very high-end clothes. This method is especially suitable for heavy fabrics and for summer garments that you wouldn’t want to line.

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