Wednesday, 8 January 2014



Growth & Appearance:
According to the doctor you are in the 90 percentile for height and 50 percentile for weight. Not sure what that means bar for you are 91 cm high and 13kgs heavy.
Even though you are pretty, so many people tell me this, you are all boy. The way you sit, walk, and act. Okay, all boy bar for your long hair and insistence on wearing nail polish. Also not sure where your obsession with moisturising falls either? At least this should mean you will keep your gorgeous soft skin.

You are a hungry, hungry hippo. Constantly gobbling up food. Over Christmas Justin and I relaxed a bit and let you eat more junk food that you ever have. I made a batch of chocolate balls (Rumballs without the rum) and you were in heaven.
You are still particular about your foods touching. Justin put sauce on your food the other day, instead of beside your food, and it caused a melt down. I have to wipe it clean and put it on another plate.

Eggs from our chicken with a side of cars

Finally! Yay, you say Mumum. It melts my heart to hear you call me Mummum. Not sure how you got the double up, Tamika calls me Mumma and Justin refers to me as Mum.
Over all you are still not saying much at all. Some people express concern, but not me so much. You are loud with your singing and screaming so I know there is nothing wrong with your vocal cords. I guess we will just wait and see.

Not a great month as far as sleep. You are back to naps in your 'big boy bed', however we are still having really bad nights on the days that I work.

Why is it? When you sleep you seem so young?

You started swimming lesson again, and boy do you love the water. You are a fearless child and will jump and swim under water. You swam so much at Susie's over Christmas you got 'pool fingers' (where the skin rubs of from holding onto the edges. You are about a hand reach off doing a width of the pool on your own. You also love jumping in the pool and sitting on the bottom.
You are set in your ways. Oh so stubborn. Things have to be done a certain way. Only I can help you clean your teeth and only Justin can sit and talk to you while you poo. (Justin sits on the bathtub, while you sit on the toilet talking) I know! I got the better option. It even seems as if you will wait to poo until Justin is home.
You know the whole alphabet and will only miss up the cue cards if being cheeky or over tired.
You have had a few tantrums this month, but they are connected to you trying to explain stuff to us. Such as, I took off your nail polish and you cried. Then followed me around with a new polish until I re-did your toes. You like things done a certain way and if Justin, or I, forget this will upset you. Other than that you are such a happy, easy going child. Your nature is a combination of sweet and adventurous.

You hold your head under water for so long you freak all of the adults out.

Water, water, water. Could coincide with the hot summer we have been having, but you love anything to do with water. Swimming, playing with the hose, wetting Daddy with the hose, you even love showers and baths.
You other great love this month is your "Ducks", you love going out to play with the chickens, you will even help clean out their pen and give them food. The white girl now sits at you  feet and lets you pat her. 
Of course your obsession with cars has continued.

How I am thinking/Feeling
You are not just a two year old any more! I am scared how quickly the time has passed. In my heart I wished I could have given you a sibling close in age for you to grow up and play with. But the time has escaped me, and so I try to treasure every last moment with you knowing I will never get to experience this again.

This past month has been amazing, wonderful and exhausting. With your birthday, Tamika's 21st, Christmas, the New Year, and me going back to work  I am finding it hard to find the balance between wanting to spend as much time with you as possible and having any 'me' time. But then you constantly do the most loving things and I think who needs to have me time when I have a little man who loves cuddles and gives me flowers when we go on adventures?  

I adore this photo Justin took of Jarvis and I watching the sunset at Mt Gravatt lookout.


  1. Krysta Paramithi9 January 2014 at 05:49

    I really enjoyed this post. Especially the part with the nail are so funny!

    Is Jarvis obsessed with cars too? Nereus's favourite! He especially likes Mater!

    Oh, I didn't know you got a job! Congrats! What do you do?

  2. I write this stuff done about Jarvis so I don't forget. But sometimes when I write it down I realise how quirky he is.

    Got a boring job in retail, just part time, but does make life balance a struggle.

  3. Such a beautiful post Julie.
    Toddlers are so very similar…but also very much individuals aren't they.
    I hear you about the balance…it is so hard…I miss my boy when I haven't spent the day with him but I also crave time to develop my own projects.
    And that photo of him sleeping is just gorgeous.

  4. I think the contrast shows when Jarv sleeps, all long limbed, yet his face goes all soft and baby like


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