Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Growth & Appearance:

Memories of my baby are distant, in it's place it a tall toddler. Mostly I think Jarvis you are the mirror image of your Dad, but on a rare occasion I get a glimpse of Tamika as a toddler in you. I think also, like Teak you are going to be tall and thin with huge feet.
As much as I try to cover you up and use sunscreen, the warmer months are turning your golden skin into the colour of burnt honey. So many people stop me and remark on just how gorgeous your skin is. Even if the bulk of them say what a gorgeous girl you are.

How does so much food fit in one little body? You are trying so hard to be grown-up and eat with the correct utensils, but honestly it would be quicker for all of us sometimes if you just used your hands. But I do love how you try.

I have gotten to the point I do not think you are ever going to say Mum. You may not be a talker, but you understand so much. You can even understand a fair bit of Cantonese when your Grandmother was staying here and she and your Dad were talking.
You are slowly adding words to your repertoire, on the week-end when I was gardening you came up to me pointed at my head and said hat, then gave me a disappointed tut. It was the first time you had used the word hat, but you also were following my rule of when in the garden you have to wear a hat.

You now have a 'big boys' bed. You will happily nap in there, but still do not want to sleep the night in it. I am not forcing it. When I tell you it is time for a nap/sleep you choose if it is your cot or bed. I am just pleased you will happily go off to bed to have a sleep.
Your sleep and nap patterns still have not changed. You still like the same routine before you will sleep. I have never known a child who loves to moisturise their hands before they go to sleep, but if it gets you to nap, then who am I to complain?

You have become so independent. You will play for longer periods on your own. But then on the other hand you love nothing more than for me to play cars with you.
Your physical development is racing ahead. When you dance, it is more of a routine with different steps, rather than the past dancing of bopping up and down. I do not know how or why, but you regular down ward dog has turned into you attempting to do a headstand. I don't think you have ever seen anyone do this, but time and time again you try. Time and time again you splat onto the floor, yet you get up and try to stand on your head again. Umm, can you at least start with a hand stand?

It is all about cars. Your first words of every day are Broom Broom. Then the first thing you do when you get out of bed is go to your Matchbox car collection. You will play for ages with them.
If it is not them, then it is your motorbike. Your Dad takes you up to the park and back on it, and you go full speed the whole way. Coming home sweaty, exhausted, yet so very happy.
Ready, steady, go, and hide and seek have also become favourites. Our poor neighbours must get sick of us running up and down the house laughing.
The other thing you rejoice in is playing Djs, you will play music and then want everyone to dance. You are quite the little dancer, with some very interesting dance moves.  Most music has you dancing and bopping away to the beat.

How I am thinking/Feeling
Your Dad has been home a week now. So it was about settling into a new rhythm. Most mornings you stick your head up and check if your Dad is still there. I am sure your Dad loves how every morning you give a good slap to the face to wake him up.

In one month you will be two, I am filled with so many emotions. I feel so lucky to have you and to be able to say "My Son". I would have loved to have given you more siblings. Who am I kidding, I would have loved to give you a dozen more siblings. But life and age were against me. So you are so treasured and so loved by me, sometimes I think I will explode. I also feel very lucky that Tamika loves you as much as she does, and equally you adore her back. To see my two children love each other so much, sigh. It turns this mother's heart to mush. 


  1. lovely lovely lovely. and he IS a beautiful boy! (related: everyone used to call Stella a boy when she was a baby. i think because i rarely dressed her in pink, and you know, a blue dress = total boy, right???)

  2. I was the same with Tamika, rarely dressing her in pink, she was always called a boy. So I guess this even things out. How could anyone think Stella a boy? Stunning looking girl with that amazing hair?!

  3. I love that photo of him on the motorbike.
    And that he dances! I love toddler dancing!

  4. I use to always say he was dancing in my womb. Not he is out he loves a boggie, will play the keyboards and insist we all dance. Bossy DJ he is


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