Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Growth & Appearance:
I think you look more and more like a little boy, yet so many people approach me and tell me what a gorgeous girl you are. Even today wearing your skinnies, cons, and button up shirt. Maybe it is time for me to cut your mullet?
We found out that you have gained two kilos, not bad for tens months! Think you are going to have your Dad’s body type.
You now have two new capped teeth due to your miss-hap. At first I thought they were too big and we called you Buggs for a week, but I think it was just the contrast after calling you Hill Billy for the previous week with your smashed in mouth.

You look so much like your Daddy

You are a good eater and we have never had any trouble with your food in-take. You let us know if you do not like anything by throwing it off your plate.

Still no talking from you. There are some words we think you say, but then will not say again after a few times. This week I can definitely hear.. up, each time you walk up stairs. Der it is (there it is), has been around for ages, and so has nup. Other than that you just chatter away non-stop in your own lingo. 
Your struggled to 'talk' before you got your new teeth, it was an odd lispy sound. 

Your smashed up face.

You are still sleeping the same cycles you have for months on end. Wake at 6:30am. Morning nap from 8:30am to 10:30am. Afternoon nap from 2:30pm until 4:30. Then you will go to bed around 8:30, you sleep through in your cot until 1ish in the morning and then co-sleep with us for the rest. If I gave you a choice you would always co-sleep. As much as I love having you near, two teeth grinders in the bed keeps me awake. You are worse than your Dad, in the fact you share my pillow and so your grinding is in my ear. So I have put your cot next to me, and am trying to convince you that it is the same. Though most nights you end up in what I call the ‘neck scarf’ position across my face.

Tira often watches over you when you sleep

Your toilet training is excellent. I am so proud of how easily you have taken to this. You enjoy being a boy, and peeing over the veranda  I think, in part, it is because you can independently go. On the toilet seat you need our help to get on and off. You have even taken to telling us when you need to go, when wearing a nappy, when we are out. I am yet to test you outside of the house without a nappy as I do not want to pressure you.
You have so much more personality; you are loving and strong willed. You are full of life, yet you like to test me.
You still are a little shy around people you do not know. You hate it when people try to kiss and hug you, you prefer to go to them when you are ready. I refuse to ever tell you to kiss or hug someone as I think this should be your choice. 

When you are concentrating, or doing something new, your little tongue comes out

Books, books and more books. If it is not your books, it is your flash cards you want us to read to you. You will go and get a book and back up, placing your butt onto anyone’s lap that is willing to read to you. I love that you love books, but without exaggeration we probably read at least 10 to 20 books a day to you.
You are still a lover of the naked outdoor time. Nothing makes you happier than getting all of your clothes off and wandering around the yard.
You are my little shadow. You like to, and will, play independently for ages, as long as you have me in your sight.

How I am thinking/Feeling
It is bitter sweet this month. You have become so grown up. I miss my baby, yet I am so enjoying toddler you. You are amazing company for someone who does not talk. You are so quick to laugh and to love. You will run at me and throw your arms around me, you show me so much love. 

Mr Independence.


  1. He's so gorgeous. It almost makes me want one. Almost. :) I like that I can watch him grow through you, knowing how special he is.

    1. He is a special child, no wonder I want dozen, when both my babies are amazing.

  2. Jarvis is just so lovely!
    People always call Eve a boy so I wouldn't let it worry you with them calling Jarvis a girl, they can balance each other out just like the nudity and the excessive clothes.
    Hope your health is on the improve and something is happening for you on the house front. Or you know you all decide to move somewhere quiet and rural and cheap ;)

    1. Eve and Jarvis would make a good contrasting pair. Our little Salt and Pepper set.

      We found a home!! Move starts next week!

  3. I have to see the new teethies! I'm sorry he got hurt, but I'm glad they were able to "fix" his teeth as best as possible. And unfortunately the older they get the more boyish instead of baby-ish they look.

  4. Will get a good shot of his teeth. I know he needs to become a boy and grow up, but it does not stop me missing my Bubba

  5. We've had that happen with Logan and his mullet. He has the same hair as Jarvis - I just can't bear to part with it though!

    1. I like the mullet! I think Jarvis rocks it, so it is here to stay... well for now at least


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