Monday, 3 June 2013


Last week-end Justin Jarvis and I flew to Sydney. For a culmination of reasons, Justin had his photography on exhibition as part of the Head on Photo Festival, part Mother’s day present to me, plus it was perfect timing to visit Sydney as the Vivid Sydney Festival was on. Also, who doesn't enjoy a week-end away?

We flew to Sydney Sunday morning, flying with Jarvis had become so easy, he is so use to it all ready. We landed in Sydney and went straight to our amazing B&B at Surry Hills, (more on that later) dumped our bags and went straight out. 

We caught the train from Central Station to Martin Place, tickets for travel for an adult is only $2.50 on a Sunday, you can get on and off as many buses and trains as you want. (Wish Brisbane would do something similar)

Image by Justin, me navigating the train station

Our first destination was the Royal Sydney Botanical Gardens. The Gardens are set in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful settings you will see anywhere, filling an area of land between the harbour and the eastern part of the central business district. According to the official website: “The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, est. 1816, is the oldest botanic garden and scientific institution in Australia. It is home to an outstanding collection of plants from around the world with a focus on Australia and the South Pacific. The Botanic Garden is set on Sydney Harbour, next to the Opera House. It sits at the heart of the city’s cultural domain of art galleries, museums and performing arts.”

 Look at that view!

 I do love roses.

Basically it is very beautiful, and a fantastic place to take a toddler, especially one that has been in cars, planes, and taxis for a good part of the morning.

Also it was perfect timing, the image above may look cute of Justin and Jarvis cuddling, however, Jarvis had the worse diarrhea just as I took this image. Ever had to wash jeans in a park and then let your toddler run around in his socks and nappy until the jeans dried in the sun? 


  1. Oh that escalator picture is classic. That's what I have to deal with almost every day on the London underground too, it's so funny. I hope Jarvis's tummy is feeling better now :(

    1. I have dealt with a child on the London Underground. Not fun. I think the tummy issues were caused by teething.


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