Thursday, 7 February 2013


Jarvis is such the little person with a huge personality. He loves to pull faces and make different expressions. Like an actor on a stage, he performs these faces for us. He will scrunch up his face, and turn to us, and wait for a reaction. Actually, Jarvis is an all round performer with dancing and singing and playing the guitar. OK, so dancing is Jarvis just shaking his butt, singing is him humming, but he actually strokes the guitar well. No loud harsh twangs, just nice gentle strumming.

What I also love about his performing is, once he is done he claps his hands and does this huge goofy grin. As in, he is so proud of his performance we should all agree, and clap with him. Thing is, Jarvis is so adored that everyone does clap and encourage his performing.

The other thing Jarvis does well is eat. With those eight teeth he is chewing his way through huge quantities of food. Whatever we offer he eats, he has his favourites, but Jarvis is happy to try whatever food is given. Some days I run out of ideas what to feed him to keep his diet interesting, but most importantly, a healthy balanced diet. So if any Mums have any hints on what to feed a 14 month old who is always hungry, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Haha he's so funny! About the food now (my favourite subject), I offer Nereus a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses ands grains. We have many snacks during the day such as smoothies, juices, fresh and dried fruits, rice cakes/breads/rusks plain or with nut butters, bean spread or hummus with veggies and many more. I have collected all the 'what my kid eats' posts here. For
    I hope you'll get inspired!

    ps. I love your style!


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