Monday, 7 January 2013


One Hotel Room at a Time. 

It is time to head towards our next destination of La Ciotat, which is a seaside resort that is situated between Provence and Côte d’Azur, 20 minutes far from Marseille and Toulon. For the Queenslanders out there, the town has the feel of equal parts Bribie Island and Redcliffe.

Le Marina B, our hotel, was a cinema-themed, located right on the beach. Our room featured a private terrace with panoramic sea views; you can even sit on the loo and look at the yachts in the water. At first we did not understand the cinema theme and question the artwork on the walls, but then I found out Le Marina B is housed in the building that belonged to the inventors of cinema, the Brothers of Light. OK, so now I understand why Whoppie Goldberg was hanging above our bed.

Lugging all of our stuff up narrow winding stairs exhausts us, but also makes us hungry, so we set off for food. Very soon the town is even more similar to Bribie. It was only 8pm, but all of the restaurants and bars on the beach front were closed. All bar for a Chinese restaurant run by a French Vietnamese family. I am very spoilt when it comes to amazing Chinese food with Justin’s family all being superb cooks. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that was one of the worse Chinese meals that either Justin or I had eaten. Chicken so dry we were gagging to swallow.

I was more than happy that we stayed two nights in the one location. Not only did it give us a break from packing and unpacking, it was so amazing to fall asleep with the sound of the waves and the smell of salt. 

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