Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I was having one of those stress bucket days. Same thing I always stress about, lack of money. But then, I read a post by one of my favourite bloggers Eden over at  edenlandand she made me  pull my head in and think about what I do have, instead of what I don’t have. After all Eden should know what she is talking about; among some of the amazing things Eden has done, in April 2012 she flew to Niger, Africa to blog about the food crisis for World Vision. Then in November Eden got to meet her sponsored child in India.

I have had the link up for World Vision sponsorship since before I had even done my first post, but I have never spoken about it before today. While I sit here in my comfortable house moaning about the lack of money that dominates my life, it is no where near the poverty that dominates many countries.

“World Vision works around the world - and in Australia too - to transform the lives of disadvantaged and at-risk children and communities. From our broad-ranging Solutions, to our work with youth, corporate and faith-based groups, World Vision is committed to the alleviation of suffering, and an end to poverty everywhere.” (Quote from the World Vision Website)

When Tamika was born I choose to sponsor a child. Even if I was a struggling single Mum I still knew I had it better than many others. I sponsored my little girl, until she became 18. I have been making a promise to myself that as soon as I get a job I am going to sponsor another child. But until then I am asking everyone out there to think about giving, whether it is child sponsorship, purchasing a World Vision gift, or donating to another charity. Do you really need that cup of coffee? How about instead you donate that $5 bucks to charity instead? After all every little bit counts. 


  1. I wish a can do this too when I'll have a job. I love this idea!

    1. I have always thought that for every child I have I will sponsor another one. I just need to get a job


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