Thursday, 31 January 2013


With the floods of 2011 still very fresh in our minds, most of Brisbane breathed a collective sigh of relief that the water levels did not peak as high as expected, earlier this week. However, lives were still lost and massive damage has still occurred for many.

The flooding happened as over the week-end, ex-tropical Cyclone Oswald traveled over parts of Queensland and New South WalesAustralia, causing widespread impact including severe storms, flooding, and tornadoes. Coastal regions of Queensland were the most impacted. In many places the rainfall total for January set new records.

Justin, Jarvis, and myself had gone away for the weekend to Coolum on the Sunshine Coast. There was extreme wind and rain on Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday the weather tried to confuse us by putting on a beautiful face.

 Our Resort for the long week-end.

Suffered only minor damage

Which the staff were quick to clean up

Jarvis and Justin  enjoying the pool

As there was definitely no option to go on the beach

Tamika stayed in Brisbane, so she was reporting on the damage to the house and yard. She told us that the downstairs had flooded (this happens all of the time with a heavy down-pour, but the Real Estate said there is nothing they can do for us). So when I got home I was expecting a smelly sodden mess.

Silly enough it was the damage to the garden that upset me the most, months of hard work has been washed away in one weekend. I know a lot of people have suffered much worse a fate than we have. But I am still saddened over the loss of all of that beautiful produce. 

Tomatoes got washed away

  Bok Choy and carrots did not survive.

Corn was knocked over and has since perished

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