Friday, 23 November 2012


Meet Jewish singles, and engagement rings 80% off online; I wonder what my Hotmail junk mail is trying to tell me? Bianca over at bigwords wrote about her night of almost passion with George Clooney, for me it has always been Johnny Depp. Not the mid-life crisis Johnny who cheats of his wife and leaves her and the kids, but the 21 Jump Street Johnny, or even the Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny.

But Hotmail is trying to get me engaged to a Jewish single. Really? Hotmail don't you know who I live with? He does it for me even more than Johnny does. I guess I am lucky. OK  I know I am lucky that I am still in lust with my own partner, and enjoy having a good perv on him, more than any other man. But, if Johnny sorts his shit out, I am not going to say I wouldn't enjoy a moment with him.

Image is so we can all have a perv on Johnny and Justin. I never thought I did, but I also think this shows I have a 'type'.


  1. I'm a David Duchovny girl, myself. Always have been - since I saw my first episode of X Files aged about 13 anyway.

    Interesting to hear your thoughts re Bribie too - I really loved it! Growing up in Hobart we used to take holidays up the coast to a rundown old resort every year. Best times ever.

  2. Justin's first crush was the girl off X files.
    My only disappointment for you was that you did not get to enjoy Bribie as it was. Old school Bribie was amazing.


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