Tuesday, 20 November 2012


One Hotel Room at a Time

It was time to check out, and move on from Paris. We get up early, and head off to the train station; with a pit stop on the way for breakfast of crepes and hot chocolates. Also a stop off at a vintage jeweler to buy something for someone I love who was still in Brisbane, but never far from my mind. I found this amazing turquoise ring for Tamika, I know it will be (and was) too big for her fingers but I just love it and know that she will.

Trains, trains, oh how to describe how epic it is catching trains in
Paris? How to describe what it is like catching a train in Paris with a 12kg 10 month old baby strapped to you in a baby sling?

We finally arrive at the car hire place, and they try to up-sell us to a BMW, umm no thanks even though she tries to tell us it will only be an extra 70 euro a day. I love how she used the term only. In the car Justin seems to struggle a bit, so before we even leave the car park I take over the driving. I am not great, OK so there was that very illegal u-turn, but without reading French or knowing the roads I managing to follow signs and guess our way back to the hotel. We are almost there and Justin finally sorts out the GPS.

I park willy nilly on the side of the road while Justin runs up and gets the luggage. Getting out of
Paris is even crazier than our trip to the hotel, and add a screaming baby, you have our journey out of Paris. Once on the motorway it all seems easier, well easier once I pulled over in the emergency lane and feed Jarvis. Nothing like breast feeding a baby while cars zoom past doing 150klm per hour. Jarvis finally falls asleep, so it is back on the road and on our way to Nancy.

After three hours of driving I pull over into a service station, and we find ourselves in one of the weirdest servos. The attendant reminded me of Norman Bates, not a good thing in the middle of no where. We were stared at the entire time it took to eat a weird tasting baguette and drink our drinks.

Justin take over the wheel, this time he does better, but it is pretty easy to drive on the motorway which helps build up his confidence in driving in a foreign country on a different side of the road. Boredom as a passenger sets in, and I am soon taking random photos out the car window.  Finding our way into
Nancy is easy with the GPS. We are staying in the best area! It is the old historic part of Nancy, simply called The Old City. Our hotel is amazing. But we dump our stuff, and quickly head out to explore before it gets too dark.

The town is gorgeous; Justin and I have fallen in love with
Nancy in one afternoon’s walk. Over the last 15 years – after much restoration –, the old town of Nancy has revealed itself to be a significant asset. Justin described Paris as slightly faded and tacky, like a girl trying too hard. But Nancy as a beautiful classic woman that never goes out of style.

After wandering around, exploring and taking photos we stop for dinner, a goat's cheese fondue, very yummy. On the way back to the hotel we stop off at a patisserie, and get deserts, me a chocolate thingy. No idea as I can't read French, but so rich, but delicious. Justin had a chocolate éclair; I think the best either of us has ever tasted.

 Nancy you are a beautiful town.

Random things on the side of the road.

Thankful for a sleeping baby in long road trips.

 Gorgeous Hotel.

 With Amazing service.

 Must recommend the Goat's cheese fondue.

Could have sampled everything in this patisserie.


  1. You're brave, taking Jarvis so far! I took Lucinda to Tasmania when she was about 10 months and must have apologised about 238 times to everyone on the plane, although she didn't really do anything other than normal baby stuff. I think they were pre-emptive apologies.

    He's absolutely beautiful, by the way (Jarvis). Looks like an amazing holiday too.

  2. I traveled with Tamika as sole parent to 16 countries starting with Hong Kong and China when she was only 18 months old. So I figured travel with a second parent has to be easier. I do/did worry about how they will travel on the planes and in cars. But figure have to give things a go before you know how it will turn out.
    I so want to go to Tasmania


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