Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Home from holidays, oh how the holiday "come down" has hit hard this time. We had the most amazing three weeks in France (more on that in a later post), however, since coming home it is almost like the universe is punishing me for having such a great holiday.

We arrived in Brisbane in the early hours of last Thursday morning. Tamika picked us up at the airport and all I could think of is sleep. Oh, sleep, glorious sleep in a bed. But it was not to be, we got a phone call letting us know Mum had suffered a stroke that morning. So quick showers, then an hour and a half drive to the Caboolture Hospital. Sadly, I know the way there; last time I visited was after Mum had a major car accident. She has had several minor and major car accidents, Mum drives like she is in a bumper car.

The whole way there, the worse case scenarios are filling my head with dread. But we get there and it is not as bad as I was imagining. Yes, it is still serious, the right side of her body has been affected, and her mind seems a little muddled. But relief hit me, it was still Mum. Yes, a Mum that needs to give up smoking and do a lot of rehab, but still "my" Mum.

But my universal retaliation did not end there. Friday, Jarvis got sick, so sick that during the early hours of Saturday morning when his temperature had hit 39 degrees we called the hospital to see if they thought we should bring him in. So after a couple of doctors visits, the week has been spent looking after a little man who has a severe viral infection, swollen glands and a middle ear infection.

I did not think I would be so willing to give Jarvis so many drugs; however, I changed my mind when he got so sick.

I even let him eat the box in the hope it would make him feel better. Not really, but chewing on it helped the tears.

Nicely, Jarvis has shared his germs with me, so now I am a 44 year old woman suffering from the worse holiday come down, EVER! So, Universe, you can kiss my butt!

Not my butt, even though she is way older than me, her butt is much perkier.

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